Johnson Jewelers of Lake City

Johnson Jewelers of Lake City carries a wide variety of fine jewelry and sterling silver, featuring diamonds and colored stones. Our staff personally sources all pieces in our cases. Why is that important? We are looking at the durability of the setting (metal) and the quality of the stones (clarity & cut & color) so that you will be able to have years of enjoyment and compliments when you wear your jewelry. We make sure the diamonds are eye-clean (no visible inclusions can be seen with the naked eye), and well cut to give off lots of sparkle. People will notice your diamond! We look for good hue and saturation for our colored gemstones. Friends will comment on the beautiful color. We also review with you the care of your jewelry.

Our unique specialty line is Lake Pepin Pearls. These pearls are natural Mississippi River Pearls that we would purchase from clammers working the Lake Pepin region of the Mississippi River. Each Lake Pepin Pearl is unique in shape, texture, size and color. We create settings that compliment the uniqueness of each pearl. Lake Pepin Pearls reflect historical river town life.

In addition to jewelry and repair, we also offer engraving services. We have a wide selection of gift items to personalize for many occasions. Bring in those wedding invitations, business logos, signatures and old photos and we’ll help you create a very special gift.


Mon – Fri 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM


109 E Center St, Lake City, MN
(651) 345-2023