Lake City Biking Trails

Visit Lake City MN - WHAT TO DO - Biking

View the full Lake Pepin biking guide here.

Here are some Lake City rides:

Family Friendly:  Start at Underwood Park, take a right on 10th St., watch for the bike trail. It ends at Hidden Meadow Lane, where you take a left.  Then left on Cty. 5, back to the park. 2.29 miles

Clubhouse Cruise:  Follow the Family Friendly loop but instead take a right on Cty 5. Then go left on Clubhouse Dr,  and right onto Greenway Parkway. Take a left on Hwy. 63 and a left on Cty. 5 to return to Underwood. 5.79 miles

Lake Pepin Ramble:  Follow the Cruise tour but continue on Hwy. 63 to 7th St.  Take a right. Go left on Iowa, right on Garden, left on Illinois, right on S. Lakeshore (Hwy. 61), and left on Oak.  Dead-end at the Sportsman’s Club. Return to Hwy. 61 and head north. Take a right on Marion, left on Franklin, right on Chestnut, left on Park. Turn right on Hwy. 61 to Hok-Si-La Park. Go back on Hwy. 61 and head south, take a right on Country Club Rd. Go left on Lakeview, left on Territorial, left on Grant, and a right on 10th back to Underwood Park. 14.07 Miles

Historic Theilman Country Ramble: Begin your tour at Hok-Si-La park. Ample parking is available. Head south on Hwy. 61 to Cty. Rd. 4 and into Theilman. Take a short detour thru this historic town and check out the newly restored opera house. Continue on Cty. 18 to Kellogg, and return to Lake City via Hwy. 61. 48.9 Miles